Sunday, June 7, 2009

sgt. grant kevin

Sgt. Grant Kevin finally got back to me, enjoy.


Dear Bud,

This is to confirm the reciept of your details as sent and i hope you will be honest to me as this is my only hope after surviving from the war zone .

Do not be worry as i have the pin code to open the digital locked after you recieve it .

I will meet you in person and compesate you with good percentage of the money.and pls keep this confidential as i do not want to expose this transaction for security reasons.

I shall forward your details to the security company and they will in turn contact you for their delivery status without any delay..

Do kindly alert me once the company contact you.

I wait to read from you.

Sgt Grant K.


i was then contacted by some cheesy-fake-malaysian company. i didn't feel like playing cat and mouse with them too (even though its safe to assume its the same person sending both emails). i replied:


Sgt. Grant K,

I am concerned about the company that just contacted me. They seem to be based out of Malaysia? Getting International Parties involved makes me a bit nervous - can you reassure me before pursuing any further? I am afraid of the Domino Effect Laws our country put into effect shortly after Vietnam. Dealing with Southern Asian parties seems to be a bit risky! Maybe we could figure out a way to keep this between you and I?

A wise Irish man with the surname McNulty once told me, "The field mouse runs fast, but the barn owl sees at night."

Think about it.

- Bud


more to come soon...

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  1. this is the most amazing correspondence i've ever had the pleasure of reading